Farehaven Starving For A Break.

Over the weekend we played at the Growling for Gabby Cancer benefit. Things went over well, the people seemed to like us there, it was a nice sunny day out and we had a big stage to play on. So, we really want to thank them for the opportunity and God bless them all and Gabby. So this week some good things happened, we finally recieved our countersigned contract from Play it Loud Music, so great news. We can finally get started hopefully placing some songs. Going for TV, Film, Video games anything. It sounds like a great opportunity. Also, this week we are being featured on as a featured artist for the month until June 8th. We have our slideshow of our song "Nobody Knows You" in rotation. 2 million plus readers. So hopefully we will get some exposure and we have to really thank them for featuring us. Other than that we have now been practicing at the Good Stuff studios again. It gets hot in there, but it's a decent place for band practice, we don't have to worry about disturbing anyone and we can play anytime, even all hours of the night. So that's good. Just puts us out 220 per month. So now we are prepping for the big Seven Mary Three show, everyone please get your tickets now in advance. We really want everyone to be there to support us and have a great time with us. It will be one heck of an exciting show for everyone, one of our best most prestigious opportunities to date! Please come out everyone and invite your friends on facebook.

Building an Empire, slowly but surely.

We played an awesome show last night at Mount Lookout tavern, a really great venue. Very nice part of town, have to say I enjoyed the people as well. We have been submiting to sponsors. Hopefully we will some of those soon. We are going to be featured on pretty big deal some 2 millions or so readers. I am still in the process of writing doing what I love, things are coming along quickly. Have about 8 guitar tracks done, I hope to work on some more later. We are currently looking for a practice space, we had to move out of Coreys parents house. So looks like we might be moving into the Good Stuff studios. It's a little expensive but we do really need a place to practice. So, coming up in June is our big show with Seven Mary Three! Which we need to be getting busy selling tickets for. So please get in touch with us about tickets they are 15 bucks. You get to see the legendary Seven Mary Three, who spawned the monsterous hits "Cumbersome" "Water's Edge" and several others. With several other great local bands. So you should definitely come and check out the show. Make sure you check out our album on Itunes and check out our Youtube channel and share it with your friends. God bless everyone.

Press release Mi2n

Farehaven let's get moving forward.

Well, we have still been hammering it out. Farehaven is on it's way to being something truly worthy of rock n roll greatness. We are currently still waiting to hear back from our licensing company and recieve our counter signed copy. They are still taking there time to do things professionally. Hopefully we will hear from them soon. Right now, I have been recording demos with guitar that are hopefully the start of what will be the next Farehaven record. I have 6 songs done right now, and 7 more to go. The sound will evolve too. I think it's a stronger more energetic sound. I think that there are some great guitar hooks in there, that are memorable and catchy. We are going to be playing more and more shows around town, and still amped for the Seven Mary Three show in June. I think that we are really prepared right now, I feel like we are ready for something bigger to happen. We are ready for a breakthrough. So if we push, then I think some good things will happen soon.

Farehaven on a roll!

Well I really feel like we are on a roll, we have packages going out to Spin magazine and Roadrunner records, and we still have our film placement contract in the midst of negotiations. We are going to be opening up for Adema on March 25th and also we are going to be opening for Seven Mary Three, so lots of great things. Also this week we will be featured in the Cincinnati Metromix. It will be on news stands on Wednesday. They are free so please go and get one. Last weeks show at Putters in West Chester went great also, we had alot of people enjoy the show and we sold Cd's and T-shirts, we did well for the night. Then tommorrow we will be playing at the Tornado victims benefit in Covington at Bangarangs. Still have plans of working with Kill Will he sent me some more tracks to work on. So I really feel like things are building, so I feel like there will definately be some more great news soon. We are working hard everyday. But, we are really doing what we love, and having a great time doing it! So we hope to see all your smiling faces at our up coming events. Everyone please come out! We love you all, but you're all fucking mad. LOL Rock on!

Farehaven news and the Madison show.

It's been a pretty cool week in terms of making progress with the band and having some fun. We played a great show at the Madison and I think that it went really well for a Thursday night also. Alot of cool people came out and really liked the show. Afterwards, we got to meet up with Kill Will the producer, he has produced on songs for Lil' Wayne that were Grammy nominated and he has EMI publishing. He was really cool and he is really wanting to work with a band too, he said that we are going to come up with a strategy and a system to succeed. He said we going to make some hits. I think so, because I see alot of drive determination and passion that we have here to work with. He also knows people who can do videos for free too. So we are supposed to get in the studio soon this week, he wants me to play guitar on some things for a rapper he is working with who is about to get signed. Also we are in the process of negotiating a contract with our attorney for a tv/film placement opportunity, and we are going to be getting in the Dayton Daily News on Friday! So lot's of great news things are going great. Everyone stay tuned, we are going to be playing live at Putters in West Chester on March 3rd. So everyone please come out and rock with us at the show!

Band practice and selling tickets.

We had a great band practice last night for about 2 hours we went through many of the covers and through the originals, it was a good practice. We had Erin pick songs off the list for us to play. Things were sounding really great, we were noticing how well we do with the grunge sound. We are still trying to sell tickets for the 23rd at the Madison. It should be a great show we all feel prepared and we are excited. I posted some more covers to Youtube, so please watch them. It's just a good way to promote and get exposure for the band, and hopefully gain alot of youtube plays at the same time. So please like and share the videos as well. Right now, we're waiting for the film/television contract to come in the mail so I can look it over and send it back. Hopefully some good things are on there way soon. I think that things are definately coming along and we are already so far and have made so much progress. I just think that we are ahead of alot of others. So, hopefully I'll be getting in the studio soon with Kill Will to put down some guitar tracks. Just having fun and creating any opportunity we can for the band. So hopefully we get to see many of you out to the show this week, and hopefully you get your tickets. After that we will post about the show.

Busy Band

Well, we are a busy band. We all work full time jobs, and we still maintain our practice schedule and we still promote and play shows. I just spent several hours today working on a slide show video, for the song ''Nobody Knows You'' and I posted it on youtube. Hopefully to promote and get some exposure for the song. We got some good news this week that we may be getting a possible song placement in a movie or television show. We are currently selling tickets for the Madison show on Feb 23rd. They are 8 dollars, so everyone please buy one, or two. Right now, I am doing a little side work, in hopes of opening up some opportunities for the band, or getting exposure and connections or anything we can. I am going to be playing some guitar on some rap tracks for Lil' Wayne producer Kill Will. So we will see how it goes. Other than that, been busy working and trying to get things going. Lot's of goals and things that we are working towards. We have a whole lot that we are trying to do.

Things are coming along and going great!

Farehaven is working hard to reach our goals, we have been playing many successful shows that have been going great, we have had good turn outs and great audiences everywhere we play. We have also had that opportunity to play many other bars including Win Place or Show in Fairfeild and Top of the line Tavern in Harrison Ohio, we took the time to learn about 30 to 40 cover songs that people love like Bush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, Nirvana, Green Day and many others SRV and Jimi Hendrix. That gives us the opportunity to play many other bars around town. We are currently going to have a column in the New Jersey weekly music publication The Aquarian. We are working with attorney Jeffery E. Jacobson on shopping a deal to Major labels as well as getting press and endorsements. We our consistently building our following and our email list. We have quite a few shows coming up, we are going to have our CD's available and also T-shirts and we will have our own Farehaven Banner for our stage props. Hopefully we will continue to do this and things will grow and get even better. We plan on really focusing on the Cincinnati area and getting as much buzz as we can. Hopefully continue writing and start working on another album before to long, because that's what we love to do. So, please stay tuned for our show dates and news, thanks everyone who has supported us, we really appreciate all of you and all of you guys rock hard!

Back to rockin this town.

Well we are going to be back! We are going to be playing more shows in Cincinnati, OH. We are going to have Corey Glass playing on bass and we will be back at the Mad Frog and the Mad Hatter very soon. So I hope to see everyone out at the shows. Rock n roll baby!

Up and coming plans, momentarily on hold.

We are currently on hold from playing shows, because we are looking for a replacement bassist. We are holding auditions and the spot should hopefully be filled soon with a serious passionate bassit. Other than that I am working on writing somethings for an EP that we would like to work on I have several riff ideas right now and hopefully they will start to turn into songs, it will be exciting to make more recordings. But, hopefully we will be in rehearsal and be able to get out and play shows again. I've been dying to get back out to the Mad frog, or the Mad hatter.

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