Band practice and selling tickets.

We had a great band practice last night for about 2 hours we went through many of the covers and through the originals, it was a good practice. We had Erin pick songs off the list for us to play. Things were sounding really great, we were noticing how well we do with the grunge sound. We are still trying to sell tickets for the 23rd at the Madison. It should be a great show we all feel prepared and we are excited. I posted some more covers to Youtube, so please watch them. It's just a good way to promote and get exposure for the band, and hopefully gain alot of youtube plays at the same time. So please like and share the videos as well. Right now, we're waiting for the film/television contract to come in the mail so I can look it over and send it back. Hopefully some good things are on there way soon. I think that things are definately coming along and we are already so far and have made so much progress. I just think that we are ahead of alot of others. So, hopefully I'll be getting in the studio soon with Kill Will to put down some guitar tracks. Just having fun and creating any opportunity we can for the band. So hopefully we get to see many of you out to the show this week, and hopefully you get your tickets. After that we will post about the show.

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