Building an Empire, slowly but surely.

We played an awesome show last night at Mount Lookout tavern, a really great venue. Very nice part of town, have to say I enjoyed the people as well. We have been submiting to sponsors. Hopefully we will some of those soon. We are going to be featured on pretty big deal some 2 millions or so readers. I am still in the process of writing doing what I love, things are coming along quickly. Have about 8 guitar tracks done, I hope to work on some more later. We are currently looking for a practice space, we had to move out of Coreys parents house. So looks like we might be moving into the Good Stuff studios. It's a little expensive but we do really need a place to practice. So, coming up in June is our big show with Seven Mary Three! Which we need to be getting busy selling tickets for. So please get in touch with us about tickets they are 15 bucks. You get to see the legendary Seven Mary Three, who spawned the monsterous hits "Cumbersome" "Water's Edge" and several others. With several other great local bands. So you should definitely come and check out the show. Make sure you check out our album on Itunes and check out our Youtube channel and share it with your friends. God bless everyone.

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