Farehaven news and the Madison show.

It's been a pretty cool week in terms of making progress with the band and having some fun. We played a great show at the Madison and I think that it went really well for a Thursday night also. Alot of cool people came out and really liked the show. Afterwards, we got to meet up with Kill Will the producer, he has produced on songs for Lil' Wayne that were Grammy nominated and he has EMI publishing. He was really cool and he is really wanting to work with a band too, he said that we are going to come up with a strategy and a system to succeed. He said we going to make some hits. I think so, because I see alot of drive determination and passion that we have here to work with. He also knows people who can do videos for free too. So we are supposed to get in the studio soon this week, he wants me to play guitar on some things for a rapper he is working with who is about to get signed. Also we are in the process of negotiating a contract with our attorney for a tv/film placement opportunity, and we are going to be getting in the Dayton Daily News on Friday! So lot's of great news things are going great. Everyone stay tuned, we are going to be playing live at Putters in West Chester on March 3rd. So everyone please come out and rock with us at the show!

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