Farehaven Starving For A Break.

Over the weekend we played at the Growling for Gabby Cancer benefit. Things went over well, the people seemed to like us there, it was a nice sunny day out and we had a big stage to play on. So, we really want to thank them for the opportunity and God bless them all and Gabby. So this week some good things happened, we finally recieved our countersigned contract from Play it Loud Music, so great news. We can finally get started hopefully placing some songs. Going for TV, Film, Video games anything. It sounds like a great opportunity. Also, this week we are being featured on as a featured artist for the month until June 8th. We have our slideshow of our song "Nobody Knows You" in rotation. 2 million plus readers. So hopefully we will get some exposure and we have to really thank them for featuring us. Other than that we have now been practicing at the Good Stuff studios again. It gets hot in there, but it's a decent place for band practice, we don't have to worry about disturbing anyone and we can play anytime, even all hours of the night. So that's good. Just puts us out 220 per month. So now we are prepping for the big Seven Mary Three show, everyone please get your tickets now in advance. We really want everyone to be there to support us and have a great time with us. It will be one heck of an exciting show for everyone, one of our best most prestigious opportunities to date! Please come out everyone and invite your friends on facebook.

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