Caught in your trap

What is real, I tell you what you didn't know. Could you feel, well what I have to go alone.

Seems like we'll take forever, feels like the best will never last. I need a chance to severe all the things in which I lack.

seems like we'll take forever, feels like the best willl never last, we had a chance together seems I'm caught up in your trap.

never steal, you steal my heart tonight. What is time, you could not take your time. Well I should know, what we will find we'll leave the answers so far behind, you let me go, you let me run, my spirits free leads me to one.

I should've known, these things so hard to find. Cause I'd like to know will you ever change your mind.

let's go to far to go, let's run we've just begun.

Going Nowhere

Cause inside I, feel it burning too. Realize why I see this leads to you. There's a reason for all the things we do. We're still breathing can you see it's true.

Cause there's a time when you can see.

Seems if we're going nowhere liberate the path that's in your mind, and if we're not mistaken cannot take a chance to waste our time. It's now or never, so choose your fantasy, You're going nowhere burning faster makes no sense to me.

in the twilight, I'll only turn to you. Cause your eyes are so hard to see through will the answers lead us to the few, will we get there to make our dreams come true.

We'll never get there by ourselves what if our conscious never tells, feels likes we're fighting torn inside to find another so far and wide.

the Black heart

you are so far from my soul, in the science of it all. If I could show you what I feel, could you explain just what you saw. It's hard to believe that this is real, this empty soul that you could heal. do I ever cross your mind or the things you feel inside.

it's alright to stay alone tonight, it's okay better days are on there way.

if I were there, would you even care. To find a place for me to stay, I'm on my way, I'm on my way would you even care, would you even care.

a blackened heart that is so hard, selfishly you forget me, there's a way to overthrow the painful shadows that you show. and you try to let it go, even though it's all you know. If you wait you'll find someone who will care about you.